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Article Submission

The Submission file must be Full-Paper written in ENGLISH

Please attach relevant documents if necessary. We will contact you as soonest possible.


      Instructions on the paper        submission to JMN

We encourage authors to incorporate the manuscript text and figures into a single Microsoft Word file. Suitably high resolution figures may be inserted within the text at appropriate positions or grouped at the end. Each figure legend should be presented on the same page as its figure.


We can accept LaTeX files at the acceptance stage, but before then please supply compiled Word file with informative abstract, the figures and tables in the text. DO NOT submit as a Pdf file or as an html file. Once the paper has been accepted and has been through the copy-editing process an email will be sent to the corresponding author. Submit your paper to the


We encourage all authors publishing in Journal of Multiscale Neuroscience to obtain an ORCID identifier to increase visibility of your academic, scientific work.

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