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The Journal of Multiscale


(JMN) announces

its affiliation with the 

 Association of Quantum Paradigm of Psychopathology QPP

Quantum Paradigms of

Psychopathology (QPP)


About Neural Press

Neural Press is an open-access publisher of neuroscience content founded in Melbourne, Australia. Its mission is to advance neuroscience research by contributing to more efficient and effective dissemination and exchange of knowledge worldwide.

Aims and Scope

The Journal's aim is to advance the integrative aspects of neuroscience by explaining how brain processes and their mechanisms are organized at different scales. The distinguishing feature of the Journal is to elucidate brain activities across scales by introducing boundary conditions that set the limits of scale mathematically and methodically while generating information on brain processes to understand how the whole is organized at different scales.

The Journal’s scope encompasses diverse neuroscience techniques and principles, including biopsychological and theoretical aspects of non-Turing computation, with an emphasis on advances in multiscale analyses of brain complexity, examining issues that can be characterized by operationally observable multiscale mechanisms at differing dynamical scales in the brain.

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