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Discovery of discrete brain functional state dynamics through local field potentials and EEG phase

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Jerzy Z. Achimowicz (2023).  Discovery of discrete brain functional state dynamics through local field potentials and EEG phase. Journal of Multiscale Neuroscience 3(1) 




This review delves into the methodology of experiments conducted on human subjects to perform visual evoked potential recognition and classification. The discovery of discrete classes of responses that correspond to different brain functional states at the moment of stimulus arrival was made possible by analyzing the phase of signals, which contains most of the information. The article critically discusses current views on the role of field potentials in brain processes. It also examines the results of studies on brain electric activity using linear and nonlinear descriptors, such as coherence and bicoherence, which describe the level of quadrature phase synchronization. The spatiotemporal dynamics of the synchronization processes of the activity of local populations of neurons of the cortex and limbic system, showing the dynamics of nonlinear interactions between neuronal populations, are also discussed. The article explores the implications for modeling the dynamics of changes in brain functional states and the role of field potentials in modulating the excitability of neuronal networks. Finally, the possibility of the brain being a macroscopic coherent state is suggested.

Keywords:  Brain field potential, brain signals

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The author declares no conflict of interest

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