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Special Issue information:


In this special issue, we invite quantum chemists, cognitive psychologist, and neuropsychiatrists on the topic of the mind and brain from a multiscale perspective. The multiscale perspective emphasizes information and the decoupling between biological informational structures at multiple scales that constitute extraordinary complexity, the outlines of which are only beginning to be understood. Applications stemming from the disintegration of conscious experience through disintegrated information within the unity of consciousness happen in Charles Bonnet syndrome, disjunctive agnosia, and schizophrenia. This entails acknowledging that consciousness and memory are multiscale, requiring a psychogenic understanding of brain functionality. Other phenomena include 'blindsight,' which clinically addresses the need for irreducible units of feelings, and ”subjective experiences,” when differences in conscious experience occur in near-death or phantom limb. 

           Guest editor:  Michael Spivey, Author of "The Continuity of Mind". 


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