May 2022 - Volume 1 - Issue 1



Alfredo Pereira  and Vinícius Jonas de Aguiar (2022).
Sentiomics: The identification and analysis of dynamical patterns that characterize sentience

Original Research

R. R. Poznanski, L.A. Cacha, J. Holmgren and E. J. Brändas and  (2022). 

What a feeling - the underpinnings of physical feelings as molecular level holonomic effects

J.A. Tuszynski1, R. R. Poznanski, P. Singh, A. Pattanayak, L.A. Cacha3, M.A. Jalil, M. Thabet and A. Bandyopadhyay (2022). 

The archetypal molecular patterns of conscious experience are quantum analogs


Brief Report

G. Goodman, R.R. Poznanski, L.A. Cacha and D. Bercovich

Geomagnetism came first: Implications for animal translocation and the two-brains hypothesis