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What a feeling - the underpinnings of physical feelings

as molecular level holonomic effects. 

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R.R. Poznanski, L.A. Cacha, J. Holmgren and E. J. Brändas (2022). What a feeling - the underpinnings  of physical feelings as molecular level holonomic effects. Journal of Multiscale Neuroscience 1(1), 11-40.



This paper proposes biophysical principles for why geometric holonomic effects through the geometric vector potential are sentient when harmonized by quantized magnetic vector potential in phase-space. These biophysical principles are based on molecular level electromagnetic resonances in partially holistic molecules where nonintegrated information acts as the consciousness process’s conduit—using the informational structure of physical feelings as a transition into subjectivity. The transformation of internal energies from potential to kinetic as ‘concealed’ motion may measure the causal capacity required to bridge causality for conscious experience. Conformational transitions produce bond-breaking, resulting in boundary conditions and limiting the molecular wavefunction to a partially holistic molecular environment with molecular holonomic effects. The van der Waals energy increases protein conformational activity (re-arrangement of bonds), causing energy transfer and information in protein-protein interactions across the cerebral cortex through the energy transduction process. Energy transitions predetermine molecular level electromagnetic resonances in aromatic residues of amino acids. The energy sharing between various nested molecular level electromagnetic resonances interacting with the intermolecular adhesion of London forces at the nexus between phospholipids and the lipophilic proteins has a key role in constraining the release of energy resulting in a vast array of information-based action through negentropic entanglement. Such information structure, passing from the objectivity of holonomic effects stemming from molecular level electromagnetic resonances, has an inherent ambiguity since meaning cannot be related to context, which constitutes preconscious experienceability. The transition from potentiality to actuality where Coulombic force is expressed as a smear of possible experiences where carriers of evanescent meanings instantly actualize through intermittent dispersion interactions as conscious experiences and return to potentiality in preconscious experienceabilities.

Keywords: Holographic brain model; Madelung formulation; internal energy, negentropic entanglement, physical feelings, microfeels, consciousness, delocalization, resonance, molecular holism; complex entropy concept, intrinsic magnetism, molecular transduction.

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