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The Management 

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    Neural Press,  AUS

Roman R. Poznanski,   Ph.D.,  CEO,  Neural Press

Dr. Eda Alemdar

Marketing & Promotions, Neural Press

The Journal of Multiscale Neuroscience uses a Diamond Open Access model. The Neural Press™ provides access, thanks to the support of the Integrative Neuroscience Group. This means that the accepted  article  can be accessed immediately once the final version has been published with completely no charge to readers.
Lleuvelyn A. Cacha,  Ph.D., Production Executive, Neural Press

Amir Hossein Sarajan

IT Network Consultant, Neural Press

​​Integrative Neuroscience Initiative is a business arm of Neural Press™. The publisher, Neural Press™ was established with the  Roman R. Poznanski, Ph.D. as  the  chief  editor  of  the  Journal  of  Multiscale   Neuroscience.  The  inaugural    issue    appeared  in  May    2022   as   the   Journal   of  Multiscale  Neuroscience  (J.  Multisc.  Neurosci.).
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