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On Multiscale Analyses of Neural Processing, Motor Movement, and Cognition


Michael J. Spivey (2023). ​On Multiscale Analyses of Neural Processing, Motor Movement, and Cognition. Journal of Multiscale Neuroscience 2(1), 273-279



This brief report provides an overview of the Special Issue on The Mind and The Brain: A Multiscale Interpretation of Cognitive Brain Functionality. It serves as a concise guide for the initial motivation for the special issue and for how best to read the articles inside it and identify their connections. This special issue combines experts from the philosophy of complex systems, ecological perception, embodied cognition, dynamical systems theory and comparative cognition to enable a widened perspective on cognition that is both multiscale and multidimensional. By looking at the mutual overlap between perception, action, and cognition, and the multiscale methods that allow novel insights into the interactive processes that underly them, this special issue provides a unique assemblage of methods, findings, and theoretical advances. The reader should expect to come out of it with a slightly different understanding of what cognition is made of.

Keywords:  Multiscale Systems, Nonlinear Dynamics, Time Series, Neural Networks, Cognition, Perception

Conflict of Interest

The author declares no conflict of interest

This article belongs to the Special Issue

                      The Mind and the Brain: A Multiscale Interpretation of Cognitive Brain Functionality                   Lead Editor:

                       Prof Michael J Spivey, Author of "The Continuity of Mind".

                       Department of Cognitive and Information Sciences,
                       University of California, Merced, USA

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