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The superfluid vacuum and the neural nature of the Universe

Recent  experiments  seem  to  confirm  the  Bohmian interpretation  of   quantum   mechanics  by supporting the  hypothesis   of   the  existence   of   what  Bohm  called  "pilot waves”,  but  numerous clues coming from the world of scientific research, suggest the existence of what Prigogine identified as the "world behind the scenes" that seems to underlie quantum phenomena; in particular, life related phenomena have anti-entropic behaviors opposite to those typical of classical thermodynamics, showing increases in the degree of order coexisting with the absorption of energy from the environment.

If we limited ourselves to the physics of the macroscopic world, except not wanting to admit the existence of "delayed potentials" or "feedbacks" that travel in the opposite direction to that of propagation of the phenomenon, or even through an inversion of the "cause- effect" and of time, as proposed by the "syntropic”mechanism theorized by Luigi Fantappié,  it is necessary to look elsewhere for the origin of these behaviors.

In this article, starting from recent studies on the superfluid nature of vacuum , taking into account the possibility of a description of polar superfluids through an Ising model, or through a Spin Glass model,  and the relative connection of these mathematical models with Hopfield's neural networks, the possibility is suggested that quantum phenomena are connected to an emergent behavior of the void that can be explained through its intrinsic dynamic behavior that can be described with neural mathematical models. In other words, a neural nature of the superfluid vacuum is proposed, and the consequences of this hypothesis are examined.

Keywords:   Superfluid vacuum, quantum vacuum, neural network, neural universe, spin glass, theory of everything

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Sabato Scala (2023). The superfluid vacuum and the neural nature of the Universe. Journal of Multiscale Neuroscience 2(2), 342-349.   


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