We recommend that you use this list to ensure that your paper meets the JMN's requirements before you submit it.


  • Be sure to submit your article to the appropriate journal - Aims and scope

  • Understand the copyright agreement - Copyright   

  • Citations and references according to style

  • Conflict of Interest Statement 

  • Authorship and Declaration Form 

  • Prepared for blind review

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General Peer-review Process

An author's manuscript is evaluated by a group of peer reviewers before it is published. Submitted manuscripts are assessed by independent researchers in the relevant field for originality, validity, and significance to help editors determine if the manuscript should be published in the journal. Typically, the scientific quality of a paper that is deemed suitable will be assessed by at least two independent experts. Keep in mind that revisions and improvement are part of the publication process and actually help raise the quality of your manuscript.

Instructions on the submission of papers to JMN

 Your paper should be submitted as a Word .doc or .docx file, with informative abstract, the figures and tables in the text. DO NOT submit as a .pdf file or as an .html file. An html file is required once the paper has been accepted and has been through the copy-editing process. Submit your paper through its JMN Editorial Desk.