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Effect of early morning awakening in major depressive disorder  

Xiaoxia Wu, Lei Ding, Neng Chen and Lijuan Gao (2022). Effect of early morning awakening in major depressive disorder  Journal of Multiscale Neuroscience 1(2), 133-139


A 41-year-old female patient presented initially with right limb ataxia, which resembled the clinical process of acute cerebrovascular disease. However, no obvious acute infarction was found on Cranial MR2. The patient's symptoms did not significantly improve after treatment with antiplatelet aggregation, stabilizing plate, clearing oxygen free radicals, and improving circulation. The patient was later diagnosed with subacute cerebellar degeneration by detecting Paratumor-related antibodies in cerebrospinal fluid and blood. Further investigation by PET-CT scan of the whole body revealed a breast tumor.

Keywords: Acute cerebrovascular disease, Subacute cerebellar degeneration, Ataxia, Breast cancer.

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    The authors declare no conflict of interest

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